This Privacy Policy (“the policy”) applies to the Badminton app (“the app”) published on Apple’s App Store by Johan Kool (“I”, “me”, “mine”) and how it affects the users (“you”, “your”) of the app.

The last update to this policy was made by me on 4 January 2023.

If you object to any of the limitations set forward in this policy you should stop using the app and uninstall it. I reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Such changes can be recognized by an updated date in the text above.

The app collects a limited set of data from you to serve its purpose: names and initials of players, your game plays as a workout and health data for summaries afterwards. This data is kept on your devices and never transferred to a server under my control. The usage of the health data follows your privacy settings on your devices in accordance with Apple’s security controls.

You are in control with whom you share the data from your instance of the app. It is your responsibility to share the data only in a manner that is according to the wishes of the people to which the data pertains.

The app contains no analytics or advertisement code from third parties. Limited anonymized usage and crash reports are used as provided by Apple, if you have chosen to share such analytics with app developers like me.

Any payments are processed via the App Store and are anonymized as well.

If you contact me for support, feedback and/or beta testing your email address(es) and name will be collected by me to contact you regarding these functions, but nothing else.

I have made a reasonable effort to safeguard your data, but usage of the app is at your own risk. It is your responsibility to keep both the app and the operating systems of the devices it runs on up-to-date in a timely fashion.

I ask that you report any security defects that you become aware of to me by email (see footer of website) in a timely fashion. A reasonable effort will be made to address any reported issues.

I am based in the Netherlands and as far as applicable Dutch and EU laws apply to your usage of the app.